"You are welcome here no matter your age, your size,
the color of your eyes, your hair, your skin.
You are welcome here no matter whom you love,
how you speak, or whatever your abilities.
You are welcome here ….”

We are a liberal, religious congregation passionate about creating and sustaining the web of community and bringing newcomers into it. Join us for Sunday worship, for a community gathering, or for a lifetime.

Upcoming Services

Every Sunday at 10:00am
Religious Exploration for grades K-7 offered during the service. Childcare for infants, toddlers and preschoolers provided in our Farmhouse Childcare Center.

May 29 “RE Sunday & Youth Bridging”
Tracey Goforth, DRE
In the heart of every vibrant community, we see and feel the energy of children! Join us as we share and celebrate Live Oak’s Religious Exploration program with a special service highlighting our children, youth and teacher volunteers. We also honor our graduating seniors, who will be ‘bridging’ from childhood to adulthood, with the traditional Youth Bridging Ceremony..

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