Our Worship Service is held Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  Please join us!

Live Oak’s Worship Committee creates and supports worship life that engages the mind, touches the heart and invites people to a new depth of spiritual development.

The purpose of the Worship Committee is to facilitate worship and support the congregation, the minister and our guest speakers in the pursuit of interesting and meaningful worship experiences for all those who gather on Sunday mornings.

Worship Associates take full responsibility for Sunday services when the minister is away, managing the details of each service and creating a sacred space that allows reverence.

The committee recognizes the multiplicity of theologies and religious backgrounds that exist within the congregation and seeks to bring guests to the pulpit that inspire and challenge us in diverse ways.

  • Meets Monthly, currently the second Tuesday of the month
  • Contact: Drew Carter: acarter@alum.mit.edu
  • Worship Associates: Holly Cook, Drew Carter, Kristin Ingalls, Gloria Liggett, Jeanne Northsinger, Jim Pearson and Jim Wells.
  • Sunday Morning Worship Team includes:
    • Reverend Tamara Casanova Suzuki, Lora Barnett or guest speaker
    • Worship Associate
    • Pastoral Care Associate-Joys and Sorrows candles
    • Eric Schug, Marty Jenkins & Linda Hill – audio-visual technology
    • John Douglas – Music Director
    • The Live Oak Choir