Sermons from 2014

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The “G” Word


Our faith movement provides a broad tent for religious liberals with highly divergent concepts of God. Join Rev. Tamara as she explores the varied ways we approach the mystery of life, and how we might communicate effectively and find common ground despite our different conclusions.

Moving Toward Life


We enter again into the time of year that encourages us as consumers to buy, buy, BUY. Countering this, Rev. Tamara examines the gift of living simply and how this might move us toward a more satisfying life.

Five Smooth Stones


Many years ago it was posited that liberal religious faith held “five smooth stones” as its basis for power in our world. Come hear what this might mean for us in 2014. Today we formally welcome new members into our Live Oak community!

Follow Your Bliss


Joseph Campbell showed us the rewards of finding a sense of calling. Jonathan, a long-time Live Oak member, will draw on his work as a psychologist to explore the Harry Potter series as tales of inner discovery and reflect on what might be coming up in our own unfolding stories.

Brave New Planet


On this day of the People’s Climate March in New York City, we turn our attention to a most vital issue of our time: climate change. Come to learn, to be inspired, to gain hope. Rev. Tamara shares the pulpit today with her father, Dr. Joseph Casanova Jr.