Sermons from September 2015

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Why Are You UU?


What is your “elevator speech” when friends or family ask you why you are a Unitarian Universalist? And what do UUs believe anyhow? Come hear Rev. Tamara share some thoughts about who we are and who we should be as Unitarian Universalists.

We Begin Again In Love


We renew a covenant of love when we choose the path of forgiveness. In this season of the Jewish High Holy Days, we explore this at times difficult path and how we can learn to walk this path with wholeness and compassion.

“Is Religion the Problem?”


It is not uncommon to find many who have utterly turned away from religion because of the devastation it has, all too often, left in its wake. Drawing from historical and comparative world religions perspectives, we will explore the roots of violence that tragically entangles our planet today. By what definition shall we know religion […]