Sermons from November 2015

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“I’m So Angry!”


Join storyteller Michael Katz for an exploration of anger through story and reflection. Can we notice when we are angry? How do we feed our anger? Where can we find release or acceptance when anger comes to visit?

A Larger View of Time


We live in a time of uncertainty and fear as we grapple with planet-wide realities that are difficult to face and confusion as to how we might be able to navigate our way through them. This morning, in the first of a several part sermon series, Rev. Tamara will begin an exploration of how we […]

People Living In Immigration Internment Matter


Join us as we welcome to Live Oak our fellow Unitarian Universalist and immigration rights activist, Jan Meslin. Jan will share stories and experiences of working to end the isolation and abuse of people in detention through visiting, lifting up stories, and advocating. You’ll learn how UUs all over the country are working together in […]

What is Our Problem?


In our increasingly multi-cultural world, some have attempted to foster religious tolerance by choosing to believe that below the surface of all the world’s great faiths lies a single godhead. Others, such as author and Boston University religion professor, Stephen Prothero argue otherwise. Each of the great religions of the world, he contends, evolved to […]