Collectively, we are stealing ravenously from the future. How did this dysfunctional relationship to posterity come about and what, if anything, can inspire us to Active Hope in the face of climate chaos and other global-scale challenges? Rev. Dowd’s pro-science prophetic message is grounded in “evidence as authority and ecology as theology

On October 11, 2016, five brave climate activists, determined to act commensurately with the truth of unfolding climate cataclysm in the face of the failure of adequate policy, closed safety valves on the 5 pipelines carrying tar sands crude oil into the United States.

This act of climate disobedience shut down 15% of US crude oil imports for nearly a day – a display of the sorts of shifts that are necessary to avoid complete cataclysm. In this light, the five valve-turners are standing by their actions, saying that they are not only necessary, but morally and legally justified to avoid the catastrophic harm caused to humanity by unprecedented climactic disruption.

Several of these climate activists will be at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation this Sunday, February 12, to join in our worship service, and share the pulpit with guest speaker Michael Dowd. There will also be time after the service for a short question and answer period before they head out to their next engagement.