Sermons by Lora Barnett

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“A Gilded Cage”


What does it mean to be privileged? What about implicit bias? We hear these terms frequently these days and for many of us who have been long committed to justice work it can seem a bit disheartening to learn that despite our best efforts we are still caught up in an unfair system. This system […]

Salvation, Redemption and Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education


As a congregation, we have long history of providing the Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program to youth in our community. Most of us understand this work as life-affirming (and saving!) as well as justice-making. But what theologies are active in this work and how are we changed as individuals and as a community as […]

Queen of Heaven, Sermon by Lora Barnett


Did you know that God had a wife? Known by many names throughout ancient Mesopotamia, Her name was Asherah amongst the ancestors of the Jewish people and she was honored with cake by her devotees. Sadly, she was edited out of the Bible by later generations and thus only echoes remain. Join our ministerial student […]

The Practice of Repair


We live in a world which prizes the new over the old and the single use/ disposable over that which endures through our care and tending. Join our ministerial student intern Lora Barnett as she explores what we might learn from the practice of repairing and renewing our belongings, our relationships and our lives.

On Being White


What does it mean to be white? What does it mean to have white racial identity- especially following the presidential election in which white nationalism and white supremacy suddenly became household words? How are we to speak to the realities of white privilege with courage and clarity in a world so suddenly topsy turvy? Join […]

An Invitation to Seeing


One of the greatest gifts we can give another is to see them as they truly are. But to do so requires we also see ourselves as we truly are. This is simple but challenging work. Join our ministerial student intern, Lora Barnett as she explores how the Celtic Christian tradition teaches us to see […]