Sermons by Rev. Tamara Casanova Suzuki

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Cultivating a Hospitable Heart

The spiritual practice of hospitality is rooted in a sense of radical openness: to ourselves, to others, and to life itself. Today we explore this ancient practice by focusing on what it means for us personally and what it might mean for our congregation.

UU Theology 101

We stand in the flowing river of time as we covenant to support not just this cherished community at Live Oak, but our larger and very proud faith tradition. On this Celebration Sunday, as we come together in gratitude for all we have found at Live Oak, we lift our eyes to see where we […]

Living Joy


Grounding ourselves in an attitude of joy is ultimately a revolutionary choice of mind, heart and spirit. Today we focus on what it means to live joy as a spiritual practice in a time of stress and challenges.

TBD (To Be Determined…)


On this post-inauguration Sunday, the future of our country, of the world, and of our earth is TBD. Today we breathe out, as we explore how we as Unitarian Universalists are called to move in this brave new world.

Those Who Serve


Today, in this post-election day service, we look at the concept of service. Service to others is a central theme of the spiritual journey and now more than ever, service becomes an imperative. How will we navigate the months ahead, working together to counter the narrative of hate and racism? Come join together on this […]