August 9: Leading in Love
Rev. Tamara Casanova Suzuki, Ani Ahavah, Steven Lovelace, Jeanne Northsinger

Join Rev. Tamara, Steven, Ani and Jeanne as they share how they were moved by the transformative experience of the Unitarian Universalist Association 2020 General Assembly. Learn how five days participating virtually with more than 4,000 Unitarian Universalists created learning, challenge, inspiration, expansion and change.


“A Sense of Purpose” Jonathan Young


Each stage of life has its beauty. We honor our inherent worth and dignity whenwe use our strengths well. Live Oak charter member Jonathan Young will draw from the adventures of Wonder Woman to reflect on claiming our best qualities.

“Beloved Conversations” Rev. Tamara Casanova Suzuki


This weekend we especially celebrate the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the work he carried forward gains an ever increasing relevance and urgency. Today, as we remember and honor MLK, we also learn about the program, Beloved Conversations, twelve Live Oak members and your minister will begin in February. Please […]

One Hundred and Eighty Degrees Rev. Tamara Casanova Suzuki


A new year and the world seems open to many possibilities. This morning, as we pause to consider options before us and our dreams of what’s possible, we explore some of the potentialities holding us from achieving our dreams and hopes. Please contact the Live Oak administrator for the link to the video. If the […]

Turning of the Year Fire Communion, Live Oak Worship Team

In recognition of the New Year, we set aflame that which is old and no longer of use to us. We embrace that which we wish to treasure. Please contact the Live Oak administrator for the link to the video. If the link does not work for you copy this email address and paste it […]

‘On Climbing Waterfalls’ Sermon by Rev. Lora Young


When you look at a waterfall the cascade of water is glorious, even terrifying! Yet, the salmon of the Pacific Northwest not only swim upstream on their way to the sea, they actually climb waterfalls. How do they do this? And what can we learn from them as we navigate tough times in our own […]

The Cost of Incarceration: A High Price for Failure


Peter Haslund The US owns the dubious distinction of having the largest number (2.3 million) of its citizens in prison. The remarkable aspect of our incarceration process is that about 70% of those released from prison re-offend and return within 3 years. The cost to prison inmates is enormous but the cost to society may […]

Creating Calm Within the Chaos


Terra Trevor is a writer who draws from her Native roots and the natural world. In a voice that is both authentic and poetic, she uses storytelling to share the pathways she has cultivated to bring pockets of calm, tranquility and spiritual renewal, in a chaotic world.

Spiritual Perspectives on Living Through Disaster


Spiritual Perspectives on Living Through Disaster Steve Jacobsen’s update and reflections on the Thomas Fire and resultant damage to La Casa de Maria from the mudslide that followed a few days later. 0:24 Introduction – Kristin Ingalls, Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation Worship Associate Steve Jacobsen 3:40 Steve’s Introductory Remarks 5:20 Account of What Happened […]