Salvation, Redemption and Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education


As a congregation, we have long history of providing the Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program to youth in our community. Most of us understand this work as life-affirming (and saving!) as well as justice-making. But what theologies are active in this work and how are we changed as individuals and as a community as […]

Woman Power!

In February, Rev. Tamara and her daughter Naomi attended the 2017 International Unitarian Universalist Women’s Convocation. Join us this morning as they share their experience at this gathering.

“An Evening with Doug” Interfaith Discussion


Rev. Roy Donkin of Cambridge Drive Community Church (Doug’s student 30 + years ago and currently Doug’s Pastor) moderates a discussion with Imam Yama Niazi of the Islamic Society of Santa Barbara, Rabbi Steve Cohen of Congregation B’nai B’rith of Santa Barbara and Rev. Dr. Doug Miller that followed Doug’s first half presentation. Janet Mocker […]

An Evening with Doug – Part 1


Rev. Tamara Casanova Suzuki introduces Rev. Roy Donkin of Cambridge Drive Community Church, who was Doug’s student 30+ years ago and is now Doug’s Pastor. Marty Jenkins, Business Manager of Showers of Blessing introduces Ken Ralph, General Manager and Linda McDaid Operations Manager of Showers of Blessing, a program that Doug Co-Founded in 2014. An […]

Queen of Heaven, Sermon by Lora Barnett


Did you know that God had a wife? Known by many names throughout ancient Mesopotamia, Her name was Asherah amongst the ancestors of the Jewish people and she was honored with cake by her devotees. Sadly, she was edited out of the Bible by later generations and thus only echoes remain. Join our ministerial student […]

Big Picture Apocaloptimism for Challenging Times

Collectively, we are stealing ravenously from the future. How did this dysfunctional relationship to posterity come about and what, if anything, can inspire us to Active Hope in the face of climate chaos and other global-scale challenges? Rev. Dowd’s pro-science prophetic message is grounded in “evidence as authority and ecology as theology On October 11, […]

Living Joy


Grounding ourselves in an attitude of joy is ultimately a revolutionary choice of mind, heart and spirit. Today we focus on what it means to live joy as a spiritual practice in a time of stress and challenges.

Social Justice Incomplete


In our rush to welcome targeted minority populations in need (as allies and/or targeted minorities) we are too often taught a social justice language that is finger-wagging, shaming, and asociological. We often blame an individual’s personhood for implicit biases that are often learned socio-culturally–and that cannot be unlearned without direct, curious, deescalated, and two-way engagement. […]