Big Picture Apocaloptimism for Challenging Times

Collectively, we are stealing ravenously from the future. How did this dysfunctional relationship to posterity come about and what, if anything, can inspire us to Active Hope in the face of climate chaos and other global-scale challenges? Rev. Dowd’s pro-science prophetic message is grounded in “evidence as authority and ecology as theology On October 11, […]

Living Joy


Grounding ourselves in an attitude of joy is ultimately a revolutionary choice of mind, heart and spirit. Today we focus on what it means to live joy as a spiritual practice in a time of stress and challenges.

Social Justice Incomplete


In our rush to welcome targeted minority populations in need (as allies and/or targeted minorities) we are too often taught a social justice language that is finger-wagging, shaming, and asociological. We often blame an individual’s personhood for implicit biases that are often learned socio-culturally–and that cannot be unlearned without direct, curious, deescalated, and two-way engagement. […]

TBD (To Be Determined…)


On this post-inauguration Sunday, the future of our country, of the world, and of our earth is TBD. Today we breathe out, as we explore how we as Unitarian Universalists are called to move in this brave new world.

The Practice of Repair


We live in a world which prizes the new over the old and the single use/ disposable over that which endures through our care and tending. Join our ministerial student intern Lora Barnett as she explores what we might learn from the practice of repairing and renewing our belongings, our relationships and our lives.

Find a Stillness

In our continuing exploration of spiritual practices, today we look at (and experience) silence. Join Rev. Tamara as she encourages silence as a spiritual practice, and Live Oak member, Mary Ince, as she shares her story and images from her search for a visual interpretation of silence.

We Give Thanks


Our congregation gathers on this Sunday following Thanksgiving to share our ideas on being grateful. We are collecting stories of gratitude and words of thanks. Our many voices will come together to say “Thank you”

On Being White


What does it mean to be white? What does it mean to have white racial identity- especially following the presidential election in which white nationalism and white supremacy suddenly became household words? How are we to speak to the realities of white privilege with courage and clarity in a world so suddenly topsy turvy? Join […]