V.20 Live Oak Event Book 2018

Please see the May Edition of the Event Book and reserve your spots now! Instructions on how to reserve your spots and payment is included in the Event Book.
Contact your Event Book committee if you have any questions: Jane Gray, Jeri Moulder and Kristin Otte.  Don’t miss out!


What is the Live Oak Event Book?

The Live Oak Event Book is a book of fun and memorable events that each and everyone of us can sign up for throughout the year. An “event” is a fundraiser where an individual, group of individuals, family/families can host.  The host(s) will incur the cost of the event, and the sales generated from ticket sales to the event go directly to Live Oak, and more importantly to benefit our entire congregation and mission. No event is too big or too small! Host an intimate event or a huge bash! ​100% of the money raised goes to supporting our beloved congregation, its staff, operations and our ministries.

How do I host an event?  Grab a friend, brainstorm, and put together an event! Indulge in an activity you enjoy and invite others to come and experience it with you from dinners and happy hours to hikes, teaching others to paint, knit, meditate or any activity you think would be fun.

To host an event,
You can sign up at out Auction site: by using your phone number.  If you’ve been to any auction you will be in the system, if you are new to the system, you can follow the directions to create a login. If you need assistance, you may contact Jane Gray, Kristin Otte or Jeri Moulder. How do I sign up for an event?
Need ideas?  We’ve got lots of ideas! Are you a great cook? An afternoon cooking class would be great! A photographer could host a photography workshop for those aspiring to take better pictures. A musician could throw an evening jam session for fellow music lovers.  The possibilities are endless….!
Event Book Ideas Wine and Cheese Tasting Luncheon, Tea or Happy Hour​ Exercise or Yoga Class(es)​ Game Night​ Hike and a picnic​ Rock n’ Roll Party/Event Cooking Class(es) Painting Class(es) Knitting Class(es) Gardening Class(es) Garden Event/Party Movie Night Dance Event/Party Seasonally Themed Event Beach Event/Party Instrument Lesson(s) Poetry Afternoon or Evening Creative Writing Evening


These are just some ideas, but we know there are so many more. Let your imagination and creativity flow. ​