Join Live Oak's Legacy Circle

We invite you to help ensure that Live Oak is here for years to come.

Include Live Oak in your will or trust.

We sit in the shade of trees we did not plant...

We profit from persons we did not know...

Together we are more than any one person could be.

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Our founders shared a passionate desire to create a liberal faith community that would outlast them.


Peter Haslund builds first "rolling pulpit" and storage facilitiy in 1988 with help from Ken & Kerri Johnson.

Live Oak hasn't always been here. Forty years ago a small group of dreamers evolved into doers - hard-working pioneers determined to plant a liberal faith community for Unitarian Universalists in Goleta. After seven years of operating as "the church of the open [car] trunk," we dared to dream about buying and building a home of our own. They contributed money, sweat equity, laughter, and tears to create the welcoming Live Oak sanctuary and facilities we enjoy today. Now we can take another step to assure that future seekers have a place to go. To this end, the Live Oak Legacy Circle has a process by which any of us can dedicate resources to Live Oak after we're gone.


After purchasing the property at 820 N. Fairview Avenue, the congregation built the Fellowship Hall, in 1994, where services were held until our Sanctuary could be built in 2008.

How do I contribute?

A will or trust instrument is simply a set of instructions about how to distribute what remains of our estate after we are gone. In most instances, our first priority is our family - our children and grandchildren. Then we remember the "communities" that have been important to us, like, Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation. Naming Live Oak as a beneficiary in our will or trust, allows us to continue to play a role in the ongoing life of this congregation. Such giving allows Live Oak as an institution sink deeper roots and widen its branches.

The Happy Tree

How can such funds be spent?

This is truly up to you. Two options are "unrestricted" and "restricted." Unrestricted: the Live Oak Board of Trustees decides what is critical at the time. Restricted: Mortgage debt reduction/retirement; the Bets Wienecke Internship Program Fund; Endowment Fund; Religious Exploration Fund.


Peter Haslund, founding member: (805) 895-3268 |

Melanie Jacobson, administrator: (805) 967-7867  |