The Coordinating Team (C-Team) meets monthly. Our role is one of oversight, coordination, and facilitation of the day-to-day operations of Live Oak. The team is chaired by Rev. Tamara, and includes Clacey Kahn, Administrator, Jeri Moulder and Paula Bagalio. To contact anyone on the team please use our email address


We seek to encourage the best possible use of volunteer time and energy through the monitoring of the roles and functions of the various ministries, and through the coordination of the ministries as a whole as well supporting the formation of new groups. We also assist, if needed, in clarifying budget issues.

The Coordinating Team performs a support role in this area and the Administrator has primary duties regarding rentals.

With the creation of a functional Facilities Team in December 2015, we serve in an oversight function, especially issues regarding rentals, tenants, and leases.