The Good Relations Ministry works with Reverend Tamara to support our congregation in understanding and implementing Live Oak’s Covenant of Good Relations.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Good Relations Ministry as you see fit.  The members of the ministry are: Jim Ross (chair); Lisl Auf der Heide; Laurette Valentine; and Holly Cook.  Rev. Tamara is an ex-officio member of this ministry. We are all dedicated to help with the day to day implementation of Live Oak’s Covenant of Good Relations.


 Core Values

We, the members and friends of this congregation, value:

·    Inclusivity, opening our hearts and minds to those who have traveled journeys unlike ours, whose strengths and challenges may be different from ours, remembering that we are all precious, with our own special gifts to offer.

·    Relationships with others of all ages, and the gifts that each generation brings to our community.

·    A safe place to make mistakes.

·    A welcoming space for all to speak their truth respectfully.

·    The importance of deep listening and respect for each other.

·    The democratic process, through which we give voice to concerns and offer our time and energy to arrive at solutions


Covenant of Good Relations

In my interactions with others in this congregation, through all forms of communication and in all situations, I will:

·    Welcome with an open heart and mind those who respect our values and wish to call LOUUC their spiritual home, seeking their own path to truth and meaning.

·    Express opinions on congregational issues with the intention of helping to make this congregation a better place for myself, Live Oak members and friends, and those who have yet to cross the threshold into our beloved community.

·    Value and learn from divergent beliefs and opinions and remain in respectful dialogue.

·    Speak honestly and directly to everyone using thoughtful, compassionate language.

·    Assume good intentions in those with whom I disagree. If possible, listen deeply to and seek resolution with them before engaging the Good Relations Ministry in conflict mediation.  I understand that I may call on the members of the Good Relations Ministry for advice and assistance as needed.

·    Forgive the errors and shortcomings of myself and others who contribute to our shared ministry and express gratitude for the many gifts we bring.