2012-11-18 Religious Exploration 584

The Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s Religious Exploration (RE) program for children exists to:

  • Provide a place where children and their families feel a sense of safety and trust in their exploration of faith, ethics, spirituality and community
  • Bring the Unitarian Universalist principles and the wisdom and teachings of the world’s great religious traditions to the child’s developmental level

We live out and give expression to this sense of purpose among ourselves and in the surrounding community by:

  • Modeling our values by the way we teach and interact with the children and adults
  • Providing a curriculum that encourages exploration, self-expression and offers ways for children to contribute to the larger community and act in socially responsible roles
  • Committing ourselves to intergenerational activities and worship

Growth and Learning Program

Our Religious Exploration program (RE) is a rich one fostered by the talents and attention of many caring adult volunteers. We strive to teach our Unitarian Universalist Principles through modeling and through many creative activities. We explore the wisdom found in our Judeo-Christian heritage and other religious traditions and we learn about our unique Unitarian Universalist liberal religious heritage. As a parent, you are always invited to sit in on your child(ren)’s class, to talk to their teachers, the DRE, or our minister. We know that the more committed and involved parent(s) are in their child(ren)’s religious education the more it means to both the child and the parent. When children and their parents attend regularly they take the songs, the stories and the ethical and spiritual lessons home with them. They become part of family life.


Our Children’s Religious Exploration (RE) program is one in which every child, parent and many other adult members of the congregation participate. Our wonderful, rich program is the result of the efforts of many, many people. Every family is expected to volunteer in some way to help make the program successful. There are many ways to volunteer, please contact the Director of Religious Education, to indicate how you would like to participate this year.


We ask that all children who attend RE on a regular basis be registered. Please complete the registration, medical & field trip and special interest forms or call the Live Oak office (967-7867) to have them sent to you. Return completed forms to the office or to the DRE. If your child is on the cusp between two classes, we invite each family to choose the class or age grouping which best fits your child’s interests and abilities. If your child has special needs, please note so on your registration and speak with the DRE so that we can best involve your child.


Regular attendance in RE classes is strongly encouraged. Children develop a feeling of trust and belonging when they come every Sunday and get to know their classmates and teachers well. We ask that you bring your child as regularly as possible. If your child is new to RE classes at Live Oak, you are invited to attend class with your child until he or she feels comfortable. Parents are always welcome in our RE classes!

Sunday Worship Service

We begin our worship service each week as a community at 10:00 a.m. Children and youth sit with their parents during the first 20 minutes of the service. Following the children’s story and food offering, children and youth leave the service with their teachers and go to their classes.

Cost Of The Program

Our RE program is recognized as a priority in our congregation and classes are funded out of the church’s operating budget. Families are encouraged to support the congregation financially through their pledges in accordance with their resources.