Why Become a Live Oak Member?

Sure, anyone can attend, anyone can worship, can reap the benefits of our Religious Education program or Youth Group, can share the joy of Sundays in this community, can join our Covenant Groups and other circles, but what does a capital-M Membership mean?

Well, there are the little benefits of membership:

  • Voting rights at our congregational meetings (help decide the BIG issues)
  • Ability to serve on the Board of Trustees
  • Use of Live Oak space for parties or gatherings that are open to the other members of the community.
  • Be counted among the U.U.s who are served by our Pacific Southwest District and our Unitarian Universalist Association, including being on the distribution list for the excellent UUWorld magazine

And then there are the BIG BENEFITS:

  • Becoming a member is about aligning your actions with your beliefs. It’s saying to yourself, your family, and this community that you agree with the actions and values of Unitarian Universalism, and are committed to trying to live these values.
  • Becoming a member is also about making visible your sense of belonging to this congregation. It’s an entering into covenant with us, and an expression of commitment to our shared future. It is a heart and spirit decision.

Join us on this spiritual journey. Walk down the path to Membership with the three steps:

  • Path to Membership – We ask all newcomers to attend our Path to Membership class, which is offered two or three times a year. Path to Membership is a great way for newcomers to get to know one another as we share thoughts about our own spiritual paths and grow in knowledge about our congregation and about Unitarian Universalism. (You can register for Orientation by contacting administrator@liveoakgoleta.org.
  • Sign THE BOOK – It’s decision time! You attend worship. You’ve gone through Orientation. You consider this Live Oak community your spiritual home. Are you ready to make a commitment to this congregation? If so, make an appointment to sign the Membership Book and add your name to the Charter Members who started our congregation on May 4, 1986.
  • Stewardship – Take a look at what this community means to you, to Goleta, and to the world. This congregation is supported solely by its members and friends. We ask people to make a generous yearly financial commitment in the form of a stewardship pledge.