Unitarian Universalism rests on a belief that we human beings belong to each other, and have a responsibility to care for one another. We’re called to make the conscious choice to bless the world. We don’t have to save the world all by ourselves, but to turn away from the overwhelming task of repair is simply not an option.

At Live Oak, we undertake service and social justice projects knowing that our work won’t fulfill our community’s every need; we might never witness the ripple effects of our compassion and generosity. But we serve, and repair, the world with compassion because we are compelled to, as members of the human family living interdependently.

Below are a few ways that we choose to bless the world, with joy and without reservation.

Food Offering for Goleta Head Start

Every Sunday, we take a food offering for the children and families served by Goleta Head Start, a federally-funded childcare program that serves low-income working parents. Over 40 Goleta families are served through food, workshops, and family counseling. The Live Oak community is the only source of food, besides the food bank, for take-home food.

You can help by bringing food every week. Please add these items to your shopping list, and leave them in your car so that you don’t forget them on Sunday. You will be helping feed families in poverty with your donations of: pinto beans, white rice, legumes, cereal, peanut butter, tomato sauce, fruit, whole wheat bread, masa harina, and pasta. (The program’s supervisor graciously asks that we avoid bringing red kidney beans, Nesquik, juice, and shredded wheat.)

To Build the Common Good:  Half Basket Collections

Two Sundays each month we share our morning offering with local non-profit organizations or with various Unitarian Universalist groups to support justice work in our faith. Since 2006, our congregation has made financial giving a regular part of Live Oak’s worship life. Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, this past year (2018) we shared over $8,300 with local and UU organizations.

Half basket collections have gone to:

Transition House

Goleta Head Start

Standing Together to End Sexual Assault (STESA)

Habitat for Humanity

CALM= Child Abuse Listening Mediation

805 Undocufund: Disaster relief for Immigrant Families

SB Bucket Brigade

SB Wildlife Care Network


Everytown for Gun Safety

Freedom Warming Centers

Food and Water Watch

Various disaster relief funds and much more.