RE Volunteer Starter Pack

Mandala Creation

Like a sand mandala, beautiful in its collaborative creation, vivid color, fragility, and its intentional transformation, our RE Program at LOUUC embraces the notion that no two Sundays will be alike, that both structure and flexibility are useful, and that sometimes, the best plans are subject to improvisation because we are, after all, human learners at varied stages of our life journeys. Let it be a dance! 


UUA's Peter Bowden created the rainbow graphic to offer structure to our time with children (approx. 40 min). Start with the "RE Volunteer Primer" button, which details each part of the rainbow graphic. The second button opens a menu of opening & closing words. The third button transports you to an archive of games and songs you can use to engage, energize, or calm the group as needed. Before you volunteer, Live Oak's administrator needs to have your signed volunteer screening and agreement forms on file; go to "Sign & Return" button to find them. Please also know that in the "Seedling Classroom" (a.k.a., the "Fireplace Room"), you'll find a binder with these materials and much more. For more detailed activities, lessons, and curricular sources, click HERE.


What matters?

What matters is your engaged presence with the children. It's not so much what you do or even whether you complete what you started. All of the above is mere suggestion. It doesn't matter whether you can sing or that crafting might not be your thing. You don't have to entertain. No special talent is required. You already have what it takes; you have the advantage of life experiences that have shaped and deepened you over time. Your willingness to meet the children where they are, to encourage kindness, and to invite questioning, curiosity, and conversation - through play or art or stories or science - is enough and substantial.