Beyond Sunday: Small Group Ministries & Fellowship

Book Club
  • Public Group
  • The Live Oak Book Group meets in the Cottage at 7pm on the 4th Thursday of the month. About a dozen of us engage in discussion about a book chosen the previous month by a member of the group who agrees to facilitate the meeting. Contact Diane Green for more information:
  • Public Group
  • Live Oak is hosting two musical events this summer featuring the Syncopaths, on June 16th in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 pm, and Jim Scott, a UU minstrel of note who wrote the hymn, "Gather the Spirit," for our Sunday Worship Service, August 13th in the Sanctuary at 10:00 am. Don't miss! Click on the Syncopaths sound file below their photo for the title song on their latest album.  
Covenant Group
  • Private Group
  • Covenant Groups represent another small-group ministry in our congregational life at Live Oak UU Congregation. The aim of Covenant Groups is to serve our community's need for small-group ministry that facilitates meaningful connections between Live Oak UUC members and friends, enabling opportunity for ongoing spiritual growth, deeper self-knowledge, and broader awareness of how others pursue questions of faith and doubt. We have four thriving Covenant Groups, who use the UUA's curriculum, Soul Matters, centered on a theme each month. Some groups meet on Zoom, and others meet in person. If you are interested in joining a Covenant Group,  contact our administrator: (805) 967-7867 Links:     
Earth Centered Spirituality
  • Public Group
  • Live Oak’s Earth-Centered Group was created to nurture and share Earth-centered spiritual perspectives, foster knowledge of Pagan practices, create rituals for growth and healing, and be a place for kindred spirits to connect, learn from each other, and have fun
Game Night
  • Public Group
  • Usually a Friday evening potluck game event in Fellowship Hall. Look for announcements in the Acorn.
Hookers & Needlers
  • Public Group
  • We meet weekly on Friday mornings from 10-12.  We do all sorts of needlework and fabric crafts while we chat and solve the worlds problems (as well as our own).  We welcome newcomers and are happy to share our skills and patterns with everyone.
Men's Connection
  • Public Group
  • Each man can speak from a deep place without concern that they will be interrupted, criticized, or judged. Thus, each man can be more truthful, vulnerable, and less self-conscious. The listener listens with an open heart. There are no rebuttals or position themselves to appear witty or critical.  All men are welcome who are interested to connect with other men, explore personal issues and offer mutual support.
  • Public Group
  • Beginners, long time practitioners, and people who have never meditated but think they might like to explore a Buddhist practice in the context of Unitarian Universalism are invited to join us. We start with a check-in, 20-minute silent sitting meditation and 10 minutes of walking meditation, followed by 30 minutes of dharma study. We may have another short silent sitting meditation and then our closing. We meet in person in the Sanctuary with an option to join virtually on Zoom. One of our co-leaders lives in Iowa, so our aim is to remain connected through a hybrid format. To receive information, including the Zoom link and materials, email:
Summer Beach Picnics
  • Public Group
  • We meet at Goleta Beach each week for picnic, potluck, and BBQ at 5:00 pm starting the Friday after July 4th through August. Look for the bright yellow Live Oak UUC banner.